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Corporate Bonds

    ECHMB Bonds have become a preferred investment instrument for institutional investors, as well as for individuals. These Bonds generally offer investors a higher yield than what currently obtains on a Fixed Deposit at a Commercial Bank, in addition to being free from Income tax. Besides they provide investors with a sound and stable alternative to other traditional investments.


    Ten (10) years after the launching of a Project, the discerning observers of ECHMB’s progress are measuring its success by increased shareholder value and the size of its assets base in mortgages. But it is at the qualitative level, that ECHMB’s operations become most visible. ECHMB’s reputation has been enhanced by the activities in consumer education and the international best practices in mortgage underwriting, transferred to lending institutions. In addition, perhaps better than any data, the success of ECHMB is attested for by the enthusiasm demonstrated by eligible Shareholders and non-Shareholders for the purchase of ECHMB shares that were originally held by the World Bank/International Finance Corporation (IFC). ECHMB shares with an original par value of $100.00 were sold by IFC in February 2006 at a price of $160.00.

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