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Sir Dwight Venner Press Release
Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

     The Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank (ECHMB) mourns the passing of its former Chairman, Sir K Dwight Venner who passed away in Saint Lucia on December 22, 2016.  Sir Dwight was appointed to the Board of Directors of the ECHMB in 1996, as the representative of  the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB); the Class A shareholder. He also served as Governor of the ECCB from December 1989 to November 2015.


    In November 2016, at the ECHMB’s Annual General Meeting (AGM),  Sir Dwight retired from the Board and the ECHMB celebrated his insightful and prodigious contribution over the past twenty (20) years as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Words cannot express the profound sadness felt as a result of this loss.
    We, at the ECHMB, offer sincerest condolences to Lady Lynda Venner and their seven children, and also to the extended Venner family. We cherish his memory.